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Inspirations: the color white

May 30, 2017


The Hungerburg station in Innsbrucker, Austria designed by Zaha Hadid is one of four stations the famous architecture designed for the fast train connecting Innssbrucker and Hamburg. She did this amazing structure in such an amazing connection to it's surroundings and it's purpose. On one hand it looks extremely futuristic and on the other hand it looks like it imitates the white snowing mountains and clouds that surrounding it. 


Photos are from here and here.




"White Elephant" is a giant origami elephant sculpture created by the artist Sipho Mabona.
It is made from one single piece of paper and is exhibited in the KKLB in Beromünster, Switzerland. It took four weeks and a staff of ten people to make it.

Photo from here.


The traditional white trulli houses are a tourist attraction in the area of Apullia in Italy. The city with the most trulli houses is Alberobello. They were used as a temporary homes or shelters around the end of nineteenth century. Their round walls are painted white while on the rooftop traditional religion symbols are painted. 

White on white on white or 50 sades of white. The Chinese artist Qiu Shihua makes the traditional Chinese landscapes paintings in a non-traditional way. The paintings look like a block of white paper or canvas surface but when you look closer the different elements appear. Looks like a dreamy hallucination landscape. 

 Photo from here.









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